PT INJEKSI PLASTIK PASIFIK is one of the leading manufacturers of engineering plastic parts in Indonesia with an engineer experience is more than 30 years.
PT INJEKSI PLASTIK PASIFIK founded in 2020 on principles of hard work, trusted and close co-operation so it makes IPP able to meet customer’s requirement on quality, delivery and competitive price.
Plant 1 : Langkap Lancar, Sukaragam, Serang Baru (800 m2)
Plant 2 : Langkap Lancar, Sukaragam, Serang baru (1,005 m2)
Plant 3 : Industrial Estate Delta Silicon 3, CBF21 0012 -> Start Building Plan June 2023
Share ratio : 100% Indonesian

PT. Injeksi Plastik Pasifik -Plant 1-

PT. Injeksi Plastik Pasifik -Plant 1-

Address : Jl. Complete Current RT02/RW01 Ds Sukaragam
Kc Serang Setu, Bekasi

Establish in  2020
Total employees are about 70 persons
The main customer is Honda Motorcycles
PT. Injeksi Plastik Pasifik -Plant 2-

PT. Injeksi Plastik Pasifik -Plant 2-

Address :
Jl. Langkap Lancar, Jayamulya, Kec. Serang Baru, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17330



Being a largest and trusted manufacturer company in sector of Engineering Plastic Parts in Asia Pacific


◊ Provide product with excellent quality  to the customer
◊ On Time delivery product to the customer
◊ Excellent service to give a competitive price
◊ Continuous improvement & skill up employees


About Us

PT Injeksi Plastik Pasifik is a manufacturing company engaged in plastic injection. PT Injeksi Plastik Pasifik was founded in 2020 with the principles of hard work, continuous improvement, productivity to be able to meet customer needs for quality, price and delivery.

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Jl. Langkap Lancar RT.002 / RW.001
Desa. Sukaragam, Kec. Serang Setu, Bekasi - Indonesia.

(021) 89284528